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San Diego Dog Obedience Training Video
Fred Hassen demonstrates his techniques of obedience training with this very responsive dog.
Iditarod Sled Dog Training 2007
This is a video interview with 12-Time Iditarod Veteran Lynda Plettner. Provides fantastic insight into how sled-dogs are trained.
Beer Fetching Dog
If you could only train your dog to do this
Leash Training a Dog
How to leash train your dog. Teaches you basic commands such as "stay", "heel"
Police K9 Dog Training Seminar
An experienced police K9 dog trainer talks about training his new dog
Phoenix Dog Training
Toni Drugmand and Brian Hewitt show their "Stuff". This was taken at an RV show in Phoenix Arizona, where they were doing a dog training demonstration. Teaches basic obedience training coursework, as well as Frisbee training
Obstacle Training
Teach your dog how to jump over obstacles
Group Class
A good overview of what happens at dog obedience training class
LIPD K9 Guard Dog Training
Guard dog training can be tough work!